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Who are we?

With the experience of a graphic designer for many years behind my back I set out to create a team that is able to offer complex solutions for companies of small to large sizes, and also satisfies the the highest standards set by the latest trends and the graphic scene in the mean time. Graphite Kreatív came to life in 2015 with the cooperation of graphic artists and designers, programmers, marketing experts and copywriters. Our aim is to fulfill our clients' extensive needs regarding brand identity, visual communication and marketing.

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What do we do?

The range of our services covers nearly all areas of graphic design. Whatever need comes up, Graphite Kreatív has the solution! Browse our works in the categories below, or feel free to contact us!

Logo and identity

Logótervezés és arculattervezés

Graphic design

Grafikai tervezés

Web and Apps

Weboldaltervezés és alkalmazástervezés



Why should you choose us?

It's hard to find a partner in todays overloaded market, who is able to deliver high quality work regularly, and also keeps customer friendly pricing and communication in mind. We believe that Graphite Kreatív overtops the gray monotony by representing real value.

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Highest quality

High quality is a must, our works always fulfill the standards of the graphic scene.


Our solutions are based on cutting edge technologies following the latest trends.


Our projects are treated with short tour-around and extensive communication, while always keeping our deadlines.

Favorable pricing

Due to the small size and independence of our operation team we are able to offer affordable rates.

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